What is the function of mobile phone NFC? 12 Jul 2019

Mobile phones have become more and more important in our lives. Communication, shopping, and payment are all inseparable from mobile phones. But there is a very useful feature on the phone that is often overlooked. That is NFC. Most of the phones except Apple are equipped with NFC, but many people waste their useful functions.

The first function is to use it as a bus or subway card. After all, many people don't have a wallet, let alone a seven-eight-eighth card. With this function, it is very convenient. You only need to open the function of local bus card and subway card on the mobile phone. In this way, you only need to put the mobile phone in the place where the card is swiped, and you can complete the card payment. This is really practical for people who often forget to bring a ride card.

A bus card

The second is that you can read and query the bank card information. Usually we want to check the bank card's consumption record. We have to download the bank's APP on the mobile phone, and then bind the card to login, but if the mobile phone has NFC, then we only need to After the bank card is attached to the back of the mobile phone and filled in with the bank card information, it is convenient to check the record of the bank card.

A subway card

The third is that NFC-enabled mobile phones can be used as access control cards. I believe many people have this experience: take a courier downstairs, throw a junk, go straight to grab a mobile phone and go out, forgetting to take the door is very troublesome. So we can take advantage of the NFC function on the mobile phone, click on the virtual key in the door key of the mobile phone, and then put the access control card on the back of the mobile phone for reading. After entering the relevant information, we can act as the access control directly through the NFC of the mobile phone.

Access control cards.

The fourth is that NFC can be connected with Bluetooth speakers, headphones, etc. Nowadays, many people like to use Bluetooth speakers and headphones to listen to music, but the process of connecting to Bluetooth using mobile phones is still more troublesome. NFC-enabled mobile phones are not. The same is true, as long as you can establish a connection with a NFC-enabled playback device, it is not only easy to use, it also looks cool.

 Connect with Bluetooth speakers, headphones

And these functions can't be separated from one thing, that is, NFC tags. Our company is a manufacturer of NFC in southern China, with annual sales exceeding 100 million pieces. With 5 years of production experience, we provide technical services to more than 50 companies. If you need it, please come to

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