Get wristbands for your event 2022-03-28
Attend any festival, conference, or industry event these days and everyone, from organizers to attendees, is talking about the benefits of RFID wristbands and technology. From faster, more efficient entry to a more convenient payment system that typically results in increased spend by attendees, RFID wristband technology is leading the way in experiential marketing and event technology.

Enrong cards manufacturer provide RFID technology at festivals like food & beverage festivals, music festivals, and now offer RFID wristband technology for festivals of all types.

RFID Wristband Technology For Events
Use RFID Wristband Technology for:

Entry and Access Control
Control event entry and exit, along with who can go where within your event.
Manage access to VIP, backstage, catering, and other areas.
Cashless Payments and User Engagement
Attendees use their wristbands (or another RFID device such as lanyards, cards, or stickers)  to pay for items like concessions and merchandise leading to increased spending.
Collect valuable purchasing information about attendees that can be shared with event sponsors for post-event campaigns and promotions.
Loyalty Programs and Gamification
Attendees tap wristbands at various places to earn points to be redeemed for merchandise or for entries to win a grand prize.
Social Media Integrations
On-site photographers take pictures and tap attendees' wristbands, which automatically associates the photo with the attendee. Our platform then automatically shares the picture to social media streams.
Think RFID technology might be right for your festival or event? Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get started!
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RFID Cards, RFID labels, RFID Tags, Wristbands, Bracelets, Key fobs. Size, Quantity, Artworks.