New laser holographic imaging technology 2019-12-13

The application of laser holographic image technology in anti-counterfeit packaging is mainly printing anti-counterfeit trademarks. In addition to the general anti-counterfeiting effect of anti-counterfeiting trademarks, its outstanding advantage is the excellent decorative effect, so many companies are willing to use laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting trademarks.


Self-adhesive laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting trademark is very convenient to use, and has good adaptability to labeling machinery. Because it is different from applying glue and sundae adhesive, it will not appear stains on the production line, especially for more The quality of the packaging is even more obvious, and the use of this trademark is currently the largest. However, it has a fatal disadvantage that it can be used repeatedly. After being lifted from one location, it can be completely glued to another location, so that some counterfeiters can use the old packaging and trademarks to fake, which affects the anti-counterfeiting effect. From the perspective of anti-counterfeiting, such trademarks should not be used as anti-counterfeiting trademarks.


The development of tamper-evident laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting trademarks has made up for the shortcomings of self-adhesive laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting trademarks. It can only be used once. When it is removed from the packaging, the image on it is completely different and cannot be used again. At present, many companies have been developing anti-counterfeit laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting trademarks, which are the most promising anti-counterfeiting trademarks in the packaging field.

hot stamping type

The hot stamping laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting mark is a kind of laser anti-counterfeiting trademark that can not be peeled off at all. It can be firmly and completely adhered to the package and form a whole with the package. If the location of the paste can be selected reasonably, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be better than the above two types of anti-counterfeiting effects.

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RFID Cards, RFID labels, RFID Tags, Wristbands, Bracelets, Key fobs. Size, Quantity, Artworks.