RFID paper tickets contain chips

RFID tickets can be detected by scanning instruments.
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RFID Paper Tickets Contain Chips


RFID paper tickets are the type of tickets currently used in many exhibitions, fairs, etc. Various types of paper are usually used as materials, and the chip is embedded so that it can be detected by the instrument.

1: ISO CR80 size of custom sizes, shapes and other material if needed.

2: PET, PVC, Paper ,ABS, etc material for choose.
3: Custom LOGO printing or other personalization for numbering ,encoding or packing, etc. 
4: Free sample offering on demand.


Material  PVC、PET、Paper、ABS 、etc
Size 85.5*54 mm(CR80) or customized

0.3-0.84 mm or Customized

Printing craft Overlay with reprintable for RFID printers.
CMYK Offset printing, Silk printing
Encoding with your data including URL, Website etc
Serial Number including UID, Laser number, 
QR code
Lanyard cuts, hole punching, eyelet, etc. lanyard, etc. 

Plastic Membership Cards Printing


1)More accurate color. 

Our company's printing machine is the original offset printing machine imported from Japan. As long as the source documents provided by the customer, the printing quality is excellent and the color is very accurate.

2)Better Quality

Our company's PVC and other raw materials are self-produced, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. The card is made, that is, the force is used to fold it in half, and it is only bent and deformed.

3)Faster delivery

We have a professional printing and card-making team, and have a large-scale factory operation. You can give you enough money and how quickly you can make it.

4)Professional after-sales processing

When there are problems with our products: dirty spots, bad cards, packaging, etc., we will provide you with satisfactory after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.

5)Cheaper price

Since we are producing materials spontaneously, making cards spontaneously, etc., we have lower costs, and relatively speaking, our prices will be cheaper and the quality will still be superior. This is the biggest advantage of ERON.

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RFID Cards, RFID labels, RFID Tags, Wristbands, Bracelets, Key fobs. Size, Quantity, Artworks.
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RFID Cards, RFID labels, RFID Tags, Wristbands, Bracelets, Key fobs. Size, Quantity, Artworks.