Can RFID become the biggest helper for IoT informationization? 06 Jun 2019

Intelligent manufacturing is generally understood to include, but is not limited to, digital, networked, and intelligent manufacturing.

What is the value of smart manufacturing?

It can scientifically arrange production processes, increase productivity, achieve customized production, adjust resource usage, and adopt the most energy-saving way to truly realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing. The most effective means of informatization is RFID technology. Everyone knows that there are thousands of spare parts, raw materials and product types in modern manufacturing companies in production lines or warehouses. As a result, in reality, no matter how good the management model or system is, it is difficult to ensure the visual flow of the entire material, which brings great trouble to the management personnel, and the work efficiency is difficult to be greatly improved.

At present, countries are using bar code and RFID technology to implement fast and accurate positioning and status statistics on spare parts and raw materials in production to improve the production and management efficiency of manufacturing enterprises. In particular, RFID technology, a complete manufacturing enterprise information management system, will help enterprises simplify business operations, reduce production costs, improve material inventory, product tracking, material management, inventory management, real-time, and greatly improve Corporate customer service quality and satisfaction. With the continuous improvement of RFID electronic tag technology and the slowdown in cost, RFID technology has slowly replaced bar code technology.

Use RFID technology to avoid fighting alone

According to relevant data, by 2025, the number of IoT devices will be close to 100 billion, and 55% of IoT applications will be concentrated in the commercial field, such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent e-commerce, smart cities, intelligent public services and other fields. . At the same time, RFID products, RFID tags, Blocking cards and other hardware products in the IoT era need to build a wider range of information security requirements, with cost-effective computing capabilities, low-power communication capabilities, high-energy-density batteries and modular, diverse The massive design will have broad development prospects.
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RFID Cards, RFID labels, RFID Tags, Wristbands, Bracelets, Key fobs. Size, Quantity, Artworks.